Estero Pool Service, Inc.

Let us take the important task of maintaining one of your most valuable assets, your swimming pool or spa. We are experts in handling the demands of Southwest Florida to ensure a clean and safe pool environment year-round. With over 12 years of experience, we have the professional expertise as well as the commitment to keep your pool and/or spa in great shape so that you, your family and guests can enjoy it without worry.

We not only keep your pool sparkling clean, but we can also repair and replace your pool equipment (or refer someone who can) when needed.

Residential Pool & Spa Maintenance in Estero and Bonita Springs Since 2003

Standard Services:

Weekly: Check & Balance Pool Chemistry
Brush Pool Walls & Bottom
Brush/Clean Tiles
Clean Skimmer Basket
Skim Pool Service
Monitor Equipment
As Needed: Backwash Filter (monthly)
Adjust Pool Water Level
Algae Control
Clean Pump Strainer
Vacuum Pool
Shock Pool
Clean Filter Cartridge (twice-Monthly)

Other Services:

For Additional Fee: Filter Replacement
O-Ring Replacement

Contact Us:

Website: Visit our website at
Contact: Gary Bowers Phone: 239-908-1099; Email:

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