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1200 Fifth Avenue South, Naples, FL 34102
Phone: 239.263.3853 , Toll-Free: 888.995.6959

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Pure Naples

Location: In Naples, see map below.

Profile: Sightseeing Boat Tour

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Pure Naples offers boat tours of beautiful Naples on the M/V Double Sunshine, a cruise experience for the whole family. Enjoy 90-minute dolphin watching, sightseeing, sunset cruises & more. The friendly and informative staff are there to make your experience a great memory. You'll learn about the history of Naples, wildlife, ecology and the beautiful mansions that line the banks of the Gordon River and its canal arms. Or take a spin on the Jet Boat Odin and feel the thrill of the 360-degree adrenaline rush turns while reaching speeds in excess of 35 knots. Pure Naples also offers a variety of fishing charters, as well as boat and jet ski rentals.

Official Website

Location Map & Directions

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Area Information

Naples is the cultural center and certainly the most affluent area of Southwest Florida. Downtown Naples is home to fine art galleries, upscale shopping, impeccable dining venues and more. Naples boasts several miles of beautiful beaches and it is also a golfer’s paradise. For more information, please see our  Naples Visitor Guide.

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