Captain CJ's Jet Pack Adventures

1345 5th Avenue South, Naples, FL 34102
Phone: 239.389.9538

Captain CJ's Jet Pack Adventures photo

Captain CJ's Jet Pack Adventures

Location: In Naples, see map below.

Profile: Amusement Attraction

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It's not science fiction! You can take a water-propelled jet pack ride - now available in Naples and North Fort Myers! With a jet pack ride, the powerful water jet propels you through the water and in the air. The amazing stability makes it easy to learn. You're flying in minutes! Jet Pack experts are there to guide you through your ride. Before you enter the water, you will get personal in-depth instruction from a certified instructor. Your helmet has built in headphones so the instructor can stay in contact with your throughout your flight. First time flyers start out at waist high in the water, advancing to knee high, ankles, then out of the water from 2 feet to 30 feet, depending on your comfort level. Note that this attraction is limited to those 14 and older, from 5' to 6'6" tall and between 100 and 350 pounds. A second facility is located at Revolution Cable Park, 17590 East Street, North Ft. Myers, Florida 33917.

Official Website

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Area Information

Naples is the cultural center and certainly the most affluent area of Southwest Florida. Downtown Naples is home to fine art galleries, upscale shopping, impeccable dining venues and more. Naples boasts several miles of beautiful beaches and it is also a golfer’s paradise. For more information, please see our  Naples Visitor Guide.

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