Bell Tower Shops

Daniels Parkway & U.S. 41, Fort Myers, FL 33907
Phone: 239.489.1221

Bell Tower Shops photo

Bell Tower Shops

Location: In Fort Myers, see map below.

US 41 & Daniels Parkway

Profile: Shopping - Mall

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Lush landscaping, splashing fountains and open-air spaces meet high fashion, creative cuisine and "be seen" events at Bell Tower Shops. This landmark shopping, dining and entertainment destination is home to over 50 fine retailers including eclectic boutiques and shopping favorites Saks Fifth Avenue, Williams-Sonoma, Chico's, Bath & Body Works and Talbots. Exceptional shopping is complemented by a variety of distinctive restaurants. Check out the events calendar on the Bell Tower Shops website.

Official Website

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Area Information

Fort Myers
Fort Myers, also known as the City of Palms, is the historical heart of Southwest Florida. Visitors to the Fort Myers area will enjoy family attractions, golf, boating, shopping and dining. Fort Myers is the home of the Thomas Edison and Henry Ford Winter Estates , built in the late 1800's and early 1900's; tours of these estates and gardens are a top attraction in Fort Myers. During March, visitors come to see the Boston Red Sox and the Minnesota Twins spring training. For more information, please see our Fort Myers Travel Guide.

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